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How the quick feedback from the seminar looks like


QScore delivers as an One Number Tool a gist about how satisfied the participants were with the seminar.

For a seminar, which has no more detailed analyzes planned, the QScore consists of few question, which are clearly focussed on that particular seminar - the transfer impact can't be displayed with only the QScore, but the extended questionnaire Si or STi are needed. The QScore is a number between 1 and 100; the higher the number, the higher the satisfication of the participants regarding the seminar. Starting from a value of 80 the seminar is regarded as successful and the majority of participants are satisfied. Top-seminars rank even higher sometimes reaching more than 90 or 95 points.

The questions are then displayed in connection with the colour assignment of the response categories.

The QScore is displayed by a bar chart and a 10-level color labelling (from darkred to darkgreen like the traffic light system).
As a comparison value (to other seminars, coaches, ...) the Index acquires a concrete meaning.

Darkred: The selected seminar was rated poorly by the participants.
Darkgreen: The satisfaction regarding the seminar was very high.
Verbal Description: overview in abbreviated form in the box below the graph compared to the average value
Visually represented general comparison value: this is the current industry and content-independent average score of all already completed seminars.
Company-Internal Seminar comparison: can be accessed using the check boxes on the left side. (Ability to filter by period, trainer, seminar type)

Questions: The color display next to the question shows how many participants ticked the respective value of 1-10.
By clicking on the sections of the bar, the specific figure is visible. In addition, the average value per question is calculated.